A Recap of 2018 and Welcoming 2019!

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It’s not always easy to kick-start a project, especially one like Colendi.  More than a dozen professionals have been involved from the beginning knowing the level of sophistication the project has in its nature. When we started Colendi, we did not only focus on blockchain and decentralization in general but also on democratic financial inclusion of the global population and also on an application with which one billion people would gain access to proper financing and full data control through their own network, data, and decisions.

2018 was the year we began building the algorithms and technology for the goals we had set. Every single day of 2018 was exciting as it brought new offerings, concepts and activities which the team eagerly learned, adapted to and implemented. The team also went through an expansion phase and new departments were created within the internal structure to incorporate new teammates. At the end of the year, looking back, we can say that a lot has been achieved, and a lot more put on the map for future, marking 2018 to be a year to be remembered.


We started 2018 by officially announcing Colendi for the first time in San Francisco at ‘World Crypto Economic Forum’ and started working with ConsenSys’ Token Foundry team to successfully launch the new Colendi Token. We published our first Whitepaper, which later on also underwent a bunch of changes. Since November we have the Whitepaper version 2.0 live on our website, along with the Token Paper which focuses on the duties and features of the COD.

Our social media accounts have welcomed our first fans and contributors whom we’d like to thank for supporting us throughout the year. It would be a ridiculous comparison to look at the follower counts of these accounts then and now; we strongly advise you to take a look at our social media accounts and the posts we have published to engage with and get to know our community.

Colendi 2018

2018 was full of events and global activities for the Colendi team. We attended numerous events, from Singapore, Beijing to Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco. We have done many showcases, had many speeches on stage, attended many panels and met our community in person. At the events, we had the chance to welcome new Colendi fans with whom we talked about our vision and plans and answered their questions.  

The events always seemed like a perfect opportunity to understand the market, catch the latest vibe, present our beloved Colendi and get to talk to as many people as possible. We have put together all the important moments here in this blog. You may have caught us attending in one of these events but if you have not, don’t worry because we are eager to keep up with the latest conferences and events in 2019 as well. Also, let us know where you are and which event would you like to see us attending in 2019.

Colendi 2018

A crucial part of product building is the team! Many of you probably don’t remember how our team looked like at the beginning of 2018, so let me make a couple of flashbacks. We were at the very beginning of our expansion plans and had only a few developers in our product team. More so, the team was a bit “centralized” and “local” according to the standards that we often bring up, so we had a long way to go, and a whole year to accomplish what was in our minds. Fortunately, and thanks to the online and offline community that supported us very dearly, we have managed to fill up many positions and accelerated greatly in product building. The fruits were not easy to pick up though, as the task at hand was certainly not an easy one. We have announced our Alpha Product in August and shared it publicly in September. DApp Beta Product is coming very soon which will have many features on top of the alpha product. Keep following us to be among the first to download it. It will be available to all of you very soon.


Even though 2018 was not really one of the most highlighted year for the cryptocurrency markets, it was a great year for Colendi. We have come a long way and happily can see the light at the of the tunnel ever more clearly now. 2019 will witness the first Colendi product, first fully self-sovereign credit score, first decentralized credit cycle and first steps to the global expansion of our revolutionary product.

So all in all, we are eager, energetic and excited about 2019! We know we will experience a lot more this year, and with your support, we are sure to accomplish all our objectives.


We will keep on working hard for the Colendi Project and keep you updated. Keep following us!

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