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How to improve your finances?

How can you improve your financial situation? We all know that life without money won’t be good. That’s why we’re continuously trying to enhance...
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Blockchain and Decentralization

  As blockchain has increasingly discussed by many investors, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and bankers, it is no longer possible to turn a blind eye...
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The Future of Decentralized Finance: Blockchain Technology

  With the proliferation of innovative technologies, a new financial model constructed by the decentralized applications has been increasingly finding popular ground, offering an...
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The Advancement of Fintech

Many people are losing their faith in the existing financial services, the assumption that traditional institutions such as banks and governments are the root...
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Blockchain Myths and Reality

As Blockchain technology holds the promise of revolutionizing the economic and social relations with the help of its technical potential improving the efficiency and...
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Background of P2P Financing

As a response to the long-term failures of traditional banks to fairly measure the creditworthiness of potential borrowers, many organization and businesses in Fintech...
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Elections On Blockchain

The backbone of representative democracies, it is of the critical importance for governments and organizations to be able to prevent fraudulency in public elections....
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Peer to Peer Loans

The services enabling cross-user (P2P) money transfer are among the most popular topics in the FinTech world of today due to their simplicity in...
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Improve Your Colendi Score and Financial Reputation

  When the differences between the creditworthiness of people all around the world are considered, it can be seen that credit lending does not...
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“Collection #1” Data Breach Details

As we see cyber more and more attacks by hackers happening almost every day now, where many users are either losing their accounts or...
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