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Background of P2P Financing

As a response to the long-term failures of traditional banks to fairly measure the creditworthiness of potential borrowers, many organization and businesses in Fintech...
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Elections On Blockchain

The backbone of representative democracies, it is of the critical importance for governments and organizations to be able to prevent fraudulency in public elections....
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Peer to Peer Loans

The services enabling cross-user (P2P) money transfer are among the most popular topics in the FinTech world of today due to their simplicity in...
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Improve Your Colendi Score and Financial Reputation

  When the differences between the creditworthiness of people all around the world are considered, it can be seen that credit lending does not...
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“Collection #1” Data Breach Details

As we see cyber more and more attacks by hackers happening almost every day now, where many users are either losing their accounts or...
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Why does Colendi use blockchain technology?

One of the most frequent questions we got from early skeptics was that Colendi could have worked fine without blockchain technology. This diagnosis is...
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Biggest Hack Attacks of All Times: Marriott, Equifax, Yahoo and Others

On December 3, 2018, the international Marriott company announced a massive attack that impacts about 500 million customers who made a reservation at a Starwood hotel....
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Borrowing Money Without Banks – An analysis of P2P lending vs. traditional methods

People have been seizing new opportunities recently to receive financing for their wide range of needs thanks to the developing technology. As one of...
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5 Benefits of Colendi

With the help of the ground-breaking blockchain technology which provides knowledge to overcome the barriers of traditional microfinancing, as a credit scoring and microcredit...
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Happy 10th Birthday: How Bitcoin started and flourished

Bitcoin celebrates 10 years When the increasing impact of the digital economy in our daily lives are considered, as opposed to popular belief on...
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