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The Gig Economy and Your Credit

Whether it’s driving with Uber, freelance writing through Upwork or any of the other countless independent jobs the internet has enabled, the gig economy...
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Could Traditional Credit History be History?

The ways that businesses and consumers make transactions are dramatically and rapidly changing thanks to technology. Long gone are the days of mailing checks,...
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Colendi Through The Eyes Of Our Interns

The Colendi environment is very fast-paced and dynamic. Everyday, we face new challenges and find novel ways to overcome them with a dedicated and...
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Three Ways Blockchain is Transforming Developing Nations

Blockchain has a lot to offer different companies and industries, but it may have the most to offer to developing nations. These countries may...
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Alternative Lending: Breaking the Vicious Circle

We’ve all been there: You need a loan because you don’t have any money. But if you had the money you wouldn’t need the...
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Building Your Business, Building Yourself

We often assume a P2P (peer to peer) loan is used for business. A farmer needs to buy livestock feed. A textile mill needs...
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Credit Scoring Methods – A New Hope “Colendi”

The word “credit” stems from Middle French, fifteenth century. It means basically “trust”. Humankind has always been trying to find ways to evaluate abstract...
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Hello World! Hello Colendi!

“Banking is necessary, but banks are not.” Five years ago, members of the Colendi team launched Ininal — “The Bank for the Unbanked” —...
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