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Colendi Dapp Article Featured In Webrazzi Media

Colendi’s new product Colendi Dapp got featured in Webrazzi’s online media in Turkish. Below you may find the quick translation if you are wondering...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 26 November – 02 December

Are the hackers getting good at their jobs or are we just too reckless with our data? Marriott Hotel hack leaked 500 million people’s...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 19-25 November

Another busy week went by full of interviews, events, media participation and more. Let’s have a look at what we did after we have...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 12-18 November

As we presented the Colendi Beta Mobile ÐApp, we are still accepting volunteers that will try the app out, share their feedback and contribute...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 05-11 November

Huge news from our product side! As we inaugurate the Colendi Beta Mobile ÐApp this week, we have already started accepting volunteers into the...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 29 October – 04 November

Colendi products are one more step closer to completion and the team is continuing the operations at full throttle. We got to join and...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 22-28 October

Colendi team continues to expand via product development, event participation and organization and with additional campaigns. We have ended yet another busy week with...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 15-21 October

Colendi team has been featured on many media this week and created lots of echo especially in the regional marketspaces. The fintech environment is...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 08-14 October

Colendi team is continuously working towards establishing a solid business and a vast userbase. We have been attending many events and meetings all around...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 17-23 September

After a busy summer, we enjoy even a busier fall with many announcements about the Colendi Products, new additions to the Colendi team, and...
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