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Colendi Weekly Update | 08-14 October

Colendi team is continuously working towards establishing a solid business and a vast userbase. We have been attending many events and meetings all around...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 17-23 September

After a busy summer, we enjoy even a busier fall with many announcements about the Colendi Products, new additions to the Colendi team, and...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 10-16 September

Our Tech Paper and Token Paper updates received a lot of attention during the past few weeks. Colendi team is excited to announce more...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 03-09 September

We are one step closer to the token sale and we are making the last touches to establish the future of credit scoring. We...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 27 August – 02 September

The summer is over and Colendi Token Sale is ever closer. Many media coverages, marketing campaigns, new interviews went live over the last week....
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Colendi Announces Partnership with Enigma

Colendi is proud to announce a partnership with Enigma, a permissionless, peer-to-peer network that allows for ‘secret contracts’ with accuracy and privacy guarantees. Enigma...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 20-26 August

Another week passed by with many developments and multiple campaigns. Colendi moves one step closer to its Colendi Token generation date and we want...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 13-19 August

As we move forward towards the Colendi Products development completion and Colendi Token mainnet launch, we are one step closer to our objectives defined...
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You asked, We answered (FAQ) – Part 2 (Comprehensive Version)

Previously, we have posted the You Asked We Answered Part 1 to answer the introductory phase questions about Colendi. Our intention was to create...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 6-12 August

After a long and a busy week, we are proudly presenting you the latest developments about Colendi. This week’s update consists of developments both...
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