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Colendi Weekly Update | 13-19 August

As we move forward towards the Colendi Products development completion and Colendi Token mainnet launch, we are one step closer to our objectives defined...
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You asked, We answered (FAQ) – Part 2 (Comprehensive Version)

Previously, we have posted the You Asked We Answered Part 1 to answer the introductory phase questions about Colendi. Our intention was to create...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 6-12 August

After a long and a busy week, we are proudly presenting you the latest developments about Colendi. This week’s update consists of developments both...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 30 July – 5 August

Colendi team spent a rather productive week, especially on the product side. This week’s update presents more developments on the Colendi product, as we...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 23-29 July

We spent a very productive week where our focused more on our internal operations. Colendi team has been preparing for new set of surprises...
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Is Decentralization Possible?

If one part of a whole system is different from the other, can we define the whole system with any part? If one part...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 16-22 July

Colendi team had another busy week with intercontinental flights, new partner opportunities. We have also prepared a new set of surprises for you that...
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A Peek at Colendi Advisers

Behind Colendi’s successful entry into the blockchain world, there is a great deal of expertise and effort, and the Colendi team has been working...
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Colendi Weekly Update | 9-15 July

After a week’s hard work, we’d like to share what we have been up to. Here are just some of the things we’ve been...
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Forbes Interview With Influential Leaders of Fintech

Forbes Turkey published an article in its July 2018 edition featuring Bulent Tekmen, Colendi’s CEO and Co-founder, alongside other leaders in blockchain to discuss...
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