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Colendi Weekly Update | 2-8 July

The Colendi team had a busy week. Here are just some of the things we’ve been working on to improve access to credit for...
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Blockchain-Based Credit Scoring Outshines “The Big Three”

  One of the top news stories in 2017 was the Equifax data breach that impacted nearly 148 million consumers, compromising information like Social...
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The Implications of Being Underbanked/Unbanked

According to a 2017 World Bank study, nearly 3 billion people worldwide are considered unbanked or underbanked.  In fact, of this total, 2 billion...
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Next Stops: Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Washington DC

New York Blockchain Week 2018 was certainly an exceptional gathering for all of us, one of which we enjoyed being a part of the...
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Recap of New York Blockchain Week 2018

New York Blockchain Week 2018 presented a series of activities for any individual interested in talking about blockchain, assessing the future of the ecosystem,...
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New York Blockchain Week, Here We Come…

We hear everyone is very excited about Blockchain Week New York and so are we. Our first stop in New York will be Ethereal...
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Digging into the Colendi Project – Part 1 – How was it born

New technology makes us question ourselves about our identity much more than we used to. Its young and restless nature injects a rebellious attitude...
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8 Influential Women Making Headlines in Blockchain

Click here to view original web page at www.entrepreneur.com   Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.   A few weeks ago, I wrote a...
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Colendi Announces Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Membership

Everybody loves to be a part of an innovative environment, especially Colendi! The Colendi team is more than excited to announce its acceptance as...
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Colendi Announces Community Support Campaign

The last couple of months Colendi Community has enjoyed a very solid growth, where blockchain enthusiasts, Colendi believers or people who just have interest...
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