Colendi Announces Tech Paper

Colendi proudly to present the first version of Colendi Tech Paper, which encompasses the problem at hand and the Colendi vision as well as...
Mehmet Dogan
3 min read

Announcing Our Initial Funding and Adviser Team Build Out

We announced great news that hints at our broad-based support and momentum. Namely, our initial funding and the strategic addition of industry experts and...
1 min read

Colendi Will Release Alpha Product

We are proud to announce the release of the Colendi alpha product to certain members of Colendi’s community. This product plays directly into our...
Eray Eren
2 min read

Colendi Announces Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Membership

Everybody loves to be a part of an innovative environment, especially Colendi! The Colendi team is more than excited to announce its acceptance as...
Ekin Selcuk
1 min read

Colendi Announces Community Support Campaign

The last couple of months Colendi Community has enjoyed a very solid growth, where blockchain enthusiasts, Colendi believers or people who just have interest...
Ekin Selcuk
1 min read

World Wide Web Consortium Membership

Last week, Colendi has been accepted as a member of W3C and joined W3C Credentials Community Group which undertakes the mission to explore...
Ekin Selcuk
1 min read

Welcome to the Future of Credit Scoring

Hello Colendi Community, We thank you for your growing interest in the Colendi Project. We are aware that many of you have been wondering...
Bülent Tekmen
1 min read

Colendi Announces ConsenSys Token Foundry as Technical Advisory Partner

Colendi — a blockchain technology built to bring accessible means of universal credit scoring to the entire world — has taken a major step...
Eray Eren
50 sec read

Colendi Is Going Global!

After having launched Colendi in San Francisco, it’s time for the team to hit the road. Our first stop will be in Paris at...
Eray Eren
1 min read

狗年快乐!| Happy year of the dog!

狗年快乐! 春节快结束了,中国在回家的路上春运返程高峰再度出现。希望它很快就会结束,也希望新的一年大家家和万事兴。 虽然整个中国都在度假,但COLENDI 团队一直在不遗余力地完成我们白皮书和网站的中文版本。我们很高兴地宣布我们的白皮书已经发布,并且网站很快将会跟进其他许多语言。 敬请关注。
Ekin Selcuk
18 sec read





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