Colendi Announces Community Support Campaign

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The last couple of months Colendi Community has enjoyed a very solid growth, where blockchain enthusiasts, Colendi believers or people who just have interest in what we do have joined the Colendi media channels. It was inspiring to read and listen to all the active individuals as well as witnessing the increasing numbers that proved the involvement of all community members.

One of the recurring questions of these members was about the bounty campaigns. The response was always “very soon”, as we did not want to specify a date prior to the commencement of our community collaborations campaign.

Today, we are glad to announce Colendi Bounty Campaign to our community. We want to thank all of those who had patience and kindly waited for this day.

So, how can you contribute to Colendi? How can you use your skills to collaborate with us and be an active member of Colendi Project?

Colendi Bounty Campaign is comprised of many tasks such as translations, content creations, attracting new members, joining social media channels personally etc. We will have a step by step programme planned out as a well-organized schedule and it would be our pleasure to see all of you following us throughout this plan. We will basically announce the bounty types as waves, and define in them the tasks for our community and the relevant rewards. We intend to explain you each job in detail and the methodology to follow to be able to do the tasks in each wave. You may follow the links below to check out what tasks are available and how you may get involved:

We see the bounty campaign as a unique opportunity to reach out to our community; to be able to transact with them, understand how they think and feel about Colendi with the final objective of serving them more. This campaign is certainly not an airdrop event where we’d give out Colenditoken before we finalize the details about token generations, instead, we have structured a more solid programme where the collaborators will get ‘Ethereums’ in exchange for their involvements. Via this structure the community will not have to worry about the price or exchange details of the Colenditokens until we make the related announcements, on the contrary when they get rewarded for their work, they will instantly know the amount that they will earn.

We feel that we are getting stronger each day with our growing community and are hopeful to see the active participation of all those who want to take part in this campaign. You have been and will be the biggest source of inspiration for us.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the bounty campaign.






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