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Colendi’s new product Colendi Dapp got featured in Webrazzi’s online media in Turkish. Below you may find the quick translation if you are wondering about what Colendi did in the Webrazzi Fintech 2018 event and the details of the newly featured Colendi product, the Colendi Mobile Beta Dapp.


Colendi DAPP, Webrazzi Fintech 2018 sahnesinde tanıtıldı


Colendi Dapp was introduced in Webrazzi’s Fintech 2018 event.

The credit scoring protocol and microcredit platform Colendi, which had its inauguration last year in Webrazzi Fintech 2017, introduced its first ever beta product. Colendi had the stage, just like last year, to talk about their achievements so far, and demonstrated the Colendi Dapp.

The Beta will be presented to the public in one week.

Colendi made an entrance with an IOS Application, Colendi Dapp and they are going to present this app to the public next week. Colendi web application had notable reached 1000 users in the alpha stage. Colendi Dapp stands out with its remarkably easy user interface and from the moment users register at the app, it manages to create a decentralized Colendi ID on the blockchain.

Colendi Dapp focuses on the creation of a financial score, -Colendi Score- with the user’s smart phone, shopping, transactions, social media, financial data. Furthermore, the Colendi Dapp enables its users to utilize their Colendi score. Colendi Dapp runs its algorithms on the blockchain to offer a fully private and secure Colendi account.

The data that is connected to the Colendi Dapp gets encrypted and the unique ownership key is stored only by the user himself. In other words, you are the only one that can access or see your Colendi account and your underlying information. Colendi Dapp promises to inaugurate its Mobile Beta Dapp for Android platforms very shortly.

After Colendi releases its product on both IOS and Android platforms, it will start running on the Ethereum Testnet, also wishes to redesign its interfaces to offer a completely seamless user experience in the future. You may find the video of the Colendi Dapp for IOS, presented by Colendi in the Webrazzi’s Fintech 2018 event.


Colendi DAPP, Webrazzi Fintech 2018 sahnesinde tanıtıldı

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