Colendi Through The Eyes Of Our Interns

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The Colendi environment is very fast-paced and dynamic. Everyday, we face new challenges and find novel ways to overcome them with a dedicated and quickly-growing team. We would like to give you a glimpse of the Colendi experience through the eyes of our newest recruits and interns, to better share how we think, and what we are doing.



Hello, I’m Eda. I’m a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania and I plan to major in Cognitive Science with a minor in Consumer Psychology.

Community involvement has been part of my life since high school where I joined and led many social service projects. This interest of mine grew as I transitioned into college and started exploring the entrepreneurial side of social work and how it can be integrated with developing technology. This link was what pulled me towards the Colendi Project which aims to provide financial services to the enormous unbanked population around the world. Here at Colendi, I was provided with a platform to use my skills to achieve social impact while simultaneously learning about blockchain technology which was new territory for me.

I’ve mostly worked with the Marketing team at Colendi on building and maintaining a solid strategy to present the new Colendi products to the sector and world. Starting from day one, I’ve participated in conference calls with our partners, important decision making processes and the creation of content. While doing research on our competitors and setting up social media plans, I also had the chance to learn more about blockchain and smart contracts and especially how they can be utilised to “democratise” finance. Due to the collaborative atmosphere of Colendi and the professionalism of the team I never felt like an intern and always felt included. This was my first time working at a startup and I cherished every moment at Colendi which was a great place for me to explore new areas and learn from people who are extremely passionate in their mission.



Hi, I’m Sinan Onukar. I’m a sophomore at the Wharton School of Business, UPenn. I’m studying Finance and minoring in Computer Science.

I’ve always been interested in emerging technologies and businesses with a social purpose, but no technology had made me as excited as blockchain. The main reason is because it sits at the intersection of finance, social change and groundbreaking technology. Since it’s so young and empowering, I feel that there is so much space for me to add value in this growing ecosystem. I decided to pursue an internship at Colendi because from the moment I first read about it, I felt that it embodied the intersection of my interests and that it was the best opportunity in Turkey for me to demystify this technology I’ve long been curious about.

I’ve been working so far with products lead Eray Eren on the product management and business development sides. Since my first day at the office, I was “thrown in at the deep end” which I honestly enjoy a lot. I’ve been attending several meetings per day, working extensively on our product flow with the technical team, analyzing the competitive landscape in the crypto industry and working on partnership models with various companies. I learned so much, and am eager to learn more about dissecting DApp business models, designing token models and integrating financial products to the blockchain space. I had never worked at a startup before and I have to say I’m very impressed by the dynamism, collaborative spirit and focus on personal development in the company. I can ask Eray any question 7×24 (and I do…) and feel that my input is always taken seriously by everyone on the team, which I think is a truly unique experience for any freshman summer internship.



Hello, my name is Eren Koc and I am a junior at UCLA. I major in Business Economics and minor in Statistics.

Working with the Colendi team has been an incredible experience. I contributed to the creation of a token with smart contracts, and  witnessed first-hand the dedication needed to perfect a product that works in every possible scenario. Every single day we brainstorm new ways to make the system more decentralized and even more secure. After seeing all the hype around cryptocurrency and seeing many companies create a new token and then disappear, it is a blessing to work with such an amazing group, dedicated to creating a product that truly works and can help millions, if not billions of unbanked people.

Colendi has taught me to think differently. As a startup, it gave me the chance to find out which areas I am good at and love; I had the opportunity to work in every aspect of the business, from product management to business development. Blockchain truly has an amazing potential, and the dynamic team at Colendi will help shape blockchain and its benefit in our lives.


We would like to thank Sinan, Eren and Eda for their kind comments and wish them the best of luck in the future. It is inspiring to be able to work alongside such young and insightful minds, especially when they can commit to the project like these three did. We hope the experiences of our three interns were insightful and inspiring.



We will keep on working hard for the Colendi Project and keep you updated. Keep following us!

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