Colendi Weekly Update | 22-28 October

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Colendi team continues to expand via product development, event participation and organization and with additional campaigns. We have ended yet another busy week with many updates. We invite you to take a little amount of your time to check out what Colendi has been up to lately.



– Colendi CEO and co-founder Bulent Tekmen was a guest of Oguzhan Aygoren and Guzem yılmaz in BloombergHT TV. The group talked about the up and coming Colendi application, the situation of the banks and unbanked people in the world, the future of the fintech ecosystems and the blockchain technology. Watch now to find out what Bulent told the public on BloombergHT TV.

– Colendi published blog on “Blockhain and Fintech Development” and its areas of influence in the past and for the future. The piece aims to raise awareness how our daily lives will be greatly influenced by the recent advancements in tech, one of which is Colendi.

– Colendi presents newest blogpost by Lead Data Scientist Baran Koseoglu   “Data Science Studies: Ethereum, Blockchain-Based Distributed Computing Platform” A nice work to summarize the state of the Ethereum network and its detailed analysis.

Colendi Card

One of the most important announcements of September was Colendi announcing the Colendi Card, which will open the doors to the incorporation of most common payment method to the Colendi application. Decades of consumer payment habits is now available in the Colendi platform where the users can acquire their physical Colendi Card and connect it to their Colendi ID and Colendi Score.

Colendi Card is considered to be a crucial element for Colendi adaptation in the communities where the old payment habits are relatively harder to transform. Considering people’s need to microfinancing and a comprehensive ecosystem, Colendi stands out with its abundant sources of finding the financing necessary and bring the platform personas together.

“As an active part of the Colendi ecosystem, we couldn’t be more thrilled about the Colendi Card and the additional opportunities it provides for us,” said Mehmet Ozcelik, co-founder of restaurant point of sale software leader SambaPOS. “This will benefit us as it will offers better reach to our merchants as well as growing our overall merchant base with the easy-to-use Colendi Card and app.”

Financial inclusion of the next billion people is not an easy task, on the contrary it requires substantial work, exquisite analysis and a comprehensive approach that will touch the lives of many people from various cultures and backgrounds. Colendi Card fits perfectly to the business strategy to be one of the strong hands to introduce Colendi globally.


Product development

Colendi released the alpha product to the volunteering members of its community. We had already announced how you can get early access and what features it will include. Last week, we have made the announcement that we selected volunteers among our community who have shown their interest to try the alpha product. Those people already received their mails to access the Colendi Alpha Product and shared their opinions with us. Here is the recap of their sentiments and statistics if you want to find out.

We are still gathering new volunteers to try out the Colendi Alpha Product. If you are interested you may still click the link below to register.

Get Access

Three integral elements of Colendi Product — Colendi ID, Colendi Score and Colendi Wallet — are introduced in the alpha product.

Colendi ID: Colendi ID is the self-sovereign digital identity that Colendi provides its users in order to include their relevant information in a private and protected model.

Colendi Score: Colendi Score is a digital score that is uniquely calculated by our protocol for each user. The protocol is trained to calculate a Colendi Score with social media data, smartphone data, transactional data, phone data and over 1,000 pieces of personal information. The algorithm then stores this score on the smart contracts of the Ethereum blockchain, meaning it becomes a decentralized Colendi Score.

Colendi Wallet: This is where users can manage their Colendi Tokens (CODs). With a Colendi Wallet, users can send and receive COD as well as oversee their transactions. On top of the existing features, users will soon be able to list the integrated merchants within the Colendi network and apply for microcredits.


Interested in learning more about Colendi’s alpha project?

Volunteering for the alpha product and helping us with Q&A testing is still an option. If you are interested, click the link below and leave your contact information. We have already sent more than 10000 members of our volunteers their access. Get in line to be one of the firsts to use the Colendi application and we will reach out and include you in our development process.

Get Access




– Colendi Lead Software Developer Seyit Tuzcuoglu was in Berlin for the #Web3Summit 2018 on 22-24th of October. It was a wonderful environment full of blockchain developers and professionals.

– On the weekend Jason Symthe and Colendi Lead Blockchain Developer Mehmet Dogan organized a meetup of Ethereum Workshop for empowering the community for coding on blockchain. This meetup was one of the many to come in the future, you may visit the meetup link via this link.

– Colendi became a proud sponsor of Blockchain Venture Summit London which will be held on 21st November. This is an executive level event for investors and founders with a limited capacity of only 500 attendees. Register today with “COLENDI” discount code and get an extra %10 OFF the ticket price.




We will keep on working hard for the Colendi Project and keep you updated. Keep following us!

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