Colendi Weekly Update | 26 November – 02 December

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Are the hackers getting good at their jobs or are we just too reckless with our data? Marriott Hotel hack leaked 500 million people’s data and all the news are talking about this attack. On top of Equifax, Facebook attacks and many more, the need for a decentralized data handling is imminent. Read more below how Colendi is solving these issues with a decentralized application on blockchain along with the latest updates from the product.


Join Colendi ÐApp Beta Program!

Join Colendi ÐApp Beta Program!

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of our waitlist for Colendi Mobile Beta ÐApp as a native mobile client for Android and IOS users. Our ambition is to invite you to a developing beta project granting you free Colendi Score evaluations to establish the first basis of our growing user base.

We are working towards expanding the Colendi Project with you and give privileged early access to the beta application participants before the app is published publicly. As early adaptors, you will therefore be able to enjoy Colendi’s unique services before anybody else. Feeding on your feedbacks and ideas composed along with your experience navigating our product we will present you the complete application in the near future.

Colendi is offering you IOS and Android mobile application. This is a newer version of the Alpha Web Application we had introduced before. To access this new mobile application (native client dApp), we invite you to register at the Beta waitlist. You may follow these steps in order to create your registration:

  1. Fill the form and leave account information
  2. Invite your friends to this Colendi Beta application using the same form.

In a few days’ time, we will finalize all participation requests and send your way a link to download Colendi dApp from your play store or as a test flight app. While IOS users will see various instructions in program’s mail address and download the dApp over test flight, Android users can directly download it from play store by registration in the program.


In this native application, you will be able to get your decentralized digital identity Colendi ID. You may connect various data sources to create your first ever Colendi Score. We will be also able to integrate users’ smartphone data into the Colendi Score calculations for the first time.

In the Test interface, you will be deposited test COD and ETH, which you will be able to send and receive from each other. Even though your transactions are happening on the testnet, keep in mind the application enables you to keep your data private and safe. All the structure the use of smart contracts in order to satisfy a fully decentralized application.


Colendi Card

One of the most important announcements of September was Colendi announcing the Colendi Card, which will open the doors to the incorporation of most common payment method to the Colendi application. Decades of consumer payment habits are now available in the Colendi platform where the users can acquire their physical Colendi Card and connect it to their Colendi ID and Colendi Score.

Colendi Card is considered to be a crucial element for Colendi adaptation in the communities where the old payment habits are relatively harder to transform. Considering people’s need to microfinancing and a comprehensive ecosystem, Colendi stands out with its abundant sources of finding the financing necessary and bring the platform personas together.

“As an active part of the Colendi ecosystem, we couldn’t be more thrilled about the Colendi Card and the additional opportunities it provides for us,” said Mehmet Ozcelik, co-founder of restaurant point of sale software leader SambaPOS. “This will benefit us as it will offer better reach to our merchants as well as growing our overall merchant base with the easy-to-use Colendi Card and app.”

Financial inclusion of the next billion people is not an easy task, on the contrary, it requires substantial work, exquisite analysis and a comprehensive approach that will touch the lives of many people from various cultures and backgrounds. Colendi Card fits perfectly to the business strategy to be one of the strong hands to introduce Colendi globally.




– Colendi attended a meetup in Istanbul Technical University and Colendi Lead Data Scientist Baran Koseoglu gave a presentation about the Colendş Score and the science background. The video is available on Colendi’s Youtube channel!



– Yet another data breach, Marriott Hack leaked 500 million people’s private data. The world needs a change in data handling and it needs it now! Read about the latest incident to understand why we are offering self-sovereign Colendi ID where you own your data and you control your data.

Read more about the story on Bloomberg.

– Colendi’s latest blog makes a comprehensive comparison between p2p lending and traditional lending, unraveling the latest trends in the financing industry and its adaptation to the most recent technological advancements.

– Colendi publishes a blog about the 5 major benefits of Colendi which has already received growing interest from the community. Read it if you want to find out what advantages a Colendi user will enjoy.


We will keep on working hard for the Colendi Project and keep you updated. Keep following us!

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