Colendi Weekly Update | 6-12 August

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After a long and a busy week, we are proudly presenting you the latest developments about Colendi. This week’s update consists of developments both from the marketing and Colendi product side. Now it’s time to catch up with the Colendi team!


Product development

Colendi released the alpha product to the volunteering members of its community. We had already announced how you can get early access and what features it will include. On Friday, we have made the announcementthat we selected 2000 volunteers among our community who have shown their interest to try the alpha product. Those people already received their mails to access the Colendi Alpha Product and share their opinions with us.

We are still gathering new volunteers to try out the Colendi Alpha Product. If you are interested you may still click the link below to register.

Get Your Early Access

Three integral elements of Colendi Product — Colendi ID, Colendi Score and Colendi Wallet — are introduced in the alpha product.

Colendi ID: Colendi ID is the self-sovereign digital identity that Colendi provides its users in order to include their relevant information in a private and protected model.

Colendi Score: Colendi Score is a digital score that is uniquely calculated by our protocol for each user. The protocol is trained to calculate a Colendi Score with social media data, smartphone data, transactional data, phone data and over 1,000 pieces of personal information. The algorithm then stores this score on the smart contracts of the Ethereum blockchain, meaning it becomes a decentralized Colendi Score.

Colendi Wallet: This is where users can manage their Colendi Tokens (CODs). With a Colendi Wallet, users can send and receive COD as well as oversee their transactions. On top of the existing features, users will soon be able to list the integrated merchants within the Colendi network and apply for microcredits.

Interested in learning more about Colendi’s alpha project?

Volunteering for the alpha product and helping us with Q&A testing is still an option. If you are interested, click the link below and leave your contact information. We have already sent 2000 members of our volunteers their access. Get in line to be one of the firsts to use the Colendi application and we will reach out and include you in our development process.

Get Your Early Access

We look forward to hearing from you and changing the future of microcredit.


Bounty Campaign Has Begun!

We are glad to announce new phase of Colendi Bounty Campaign to our community.

So, how can you contribute to Colendi? How can you use your skills to collaborate with us and be an active member of Colendi Project?

Colendi Bounty Campaign is comprised of many tasks such as translations, content creations, attracting new members, joining social media channels personally etc. We will basically announce the bounty types as waves, and define in them the tasks for our community and the relevant rewards. You may follow the links below to check out what tasks are available and how you may get involved:

Our link announcing the bounty campaigns

Bounty campaigns on the social media channels: Telegram, Reddit, Twitter and Referrals!

Bounty campaigns on the site has a time limit so make sure to hurry up and collect your rewards!



– Colendi CEO and Co-founder Bulent Tekmen‘s views were featured in a very comprehensive Blocktribune’s article ” Blockchain Trust Issues In An Age of Data Abuse”. Bulent explained very thorough how Colendi’s visions will create a positive impact for our future!

– Colendi proudly presented Enigma Co-founder Can Kisagun as new Colendi Adviser. You may check out his profile and his vast experience in the blockchain sector below also!

Can Kisagun is an entrepreneur with a degree in industrial engineering and an MBA from the highly-esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Sloan School of Management. He has worked for McKinsey before realizing his true ambition of creating new projects, co-founding Streetdust and Eximchain while working as a product manager for DataXu in the span of only four years. Lastly, he co-founded Enigma, one of the most successful projects of 2017. Enigma is a blockchain-based protocol that uses groundbreaking privacy technologies to enable scalable end-to-end decentralized applications. On many levels, the company aims to confront the technology blockchain faces in terms of technicality and global expansion. Can brings his expertise of creation and presenting new concepts to the Colendi project to achieve a superior project and token launch.


– Colendi COO and Co-founder Mihriban Ersin’s interview with Webrazzi at Money2020 event in Amsterdam has been featured in Webrazzi’s official publications. You can also check out this talk taking place in front of our booth in the event.

 Colendi posted the fourth video of its video series on its YouTube page. The interview is with Co-founder, CPO Eray Eren talking about the Colendi product, its components and what Colendi means to him with its groundbreaking vision.



We will keep on working hard for the Colendi Project and keep you updated. Keep following us!

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