Colendi Weekly Update | 9-15 July

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After a week’s hard work, we’d like to share what we have been up to. Here are just some of the things we’ve been working on to improve access to credit for the unbanked and underbanked around the globe:


Product development

Colendi will release the alpha product to its community soon. Last week we announced how you can get early access and what features it will include.

Three integral elements of Colendi Product — Colendi ID, Colendi Score and Colendi Wallet — are introduced in the alpha product.

Get Your Early Access

Colendi ID: Colendi ID is the self-sovereign digital identity that Colendi provides its users in order to include their relevant information in a private and protected model.

Colendi Score: Colendi Score is a digital score that is uniquely calculated by our protocol for each user. The protocol is trained to calculate a Colendi Score with social media data, smartphone data, transactional data, phone data and over 1,000 pieces of personal information. The algorithm then stores this score on the smart contracts of the Ethereum blockchain, meaning it becomes a decentralized Colendi Score.

Colendi Wallet: This is where users can manage their Colendi Tokens (CODs). With a Colendi Wallet, users can send and receive COD as well as oversee their transactions. On top of the existing features, users will soon be able to list the integrated merchants within the Colendi network and apply for microcredits.

Interested in learning more about Colendi’s alpha project?

Would you like to contribute to the Colendi Project by volunteering for the alpha product and helping us with QA testing? If so, click the link below and leave your contact information. Get in line to be one of the first to use the Colendi application and we will reach out and include you in our development process.

Get Your Early Access

We look forward to hearing from you and changing the future of microcredit.



In the July 2018 edition of Forbes Turkey, the publication featured Colendi CEO and co-founder Bulent Tekmen in a story about the blockchain and fintech environment in Turkey. We’ve summarized and translated it in our blog too.

Authority Magazine interviewed Mihriban Ersin, Colendi COO and co-founder. She noted in the story, “Defining a person according just financial history is not fair; real people can go through hard times… This is what we will give them.”

– Colendi posted a video series on its YouTube page.



Colendi was selected as one of 10 finalists in the Startup Battlefield powered by Volkswagen Financial Services. The event will be held in London on July 20. We are looking forward to participate alongside other solid startups. 

– Bulent Tekmen joined the TechCrunch Sessions: Blockchain on July 6 in Zug, Switzerland. 

– Bulent joined Ethereum Meetup 2018 in Zug, Switzerland produced by TechCrunch. He attended the event along with blockchain leaders like Vitalik and Joseph Lubin. 

– On July 9, Colendi Head of Asia Marketing Oguz Genc presented the firm at the Hong Kong Rise Showcase

– On July 10, Oguz participated in the meetup Nakedhub hosted by Token Foundry where new projects including Colendi were introdruced to the Hong Kong blockchain society. 

– On July 11, Oguz presented Colendi on the Summer Showcase in Hong Kong hosted by Token Foundry.

– On July 11, Oguz presented Colendi in the meetup hosted by Token Foundry and Ausvic Capital.

– On July 13, Oguz attended Dfund meetup hosted by Token Foundry and JRR to present Colendi.

– On the evening of July 13, Oguz Genc attended Beijing University Blockchain Club meetup to introduce Colendi to Blockchain enthusiasts.

– On July 14, Token Foundry and Ledger Capital hosted Beijing meetup with the participation of Oguz presenting Colendi.

Colendi Asia outreach will continue with new events and meetups as now our CEO Bulent is set to travel to Korea next week!



We now have three summer interns with great energy and enthusiasm. They started this week working on business development, product management and marketing.

Sinan Onukar is a sophomore studying finance and computer science at the University of Pennsylvania. He is working on product management and business development. 

Eda Ozuner is also a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. Eda is studying cognitive science and minoring in consumer psychology. She is working with our marketing team. 

Eren Koc is a rising junior, concentrating on Business Economics and Statistics in UCLA. He currently is working on product management and business development. 


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