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Join Beta Application Waitlist

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of our waitlist for Colendi Mobile Beta ÐApp as a native mobile client for Android and IOS users. Our ambition is to invite you to a developing beta project granting you free Colendi Score evaluations to establish the first basis of our growing user base.

We are working towards expanding the Colendi Project with you and give privileged early access to the beta application participants before the app is published publicly. As early adaptors you will therefore be able to enjoy Colendi’s unique services before anybody else. Feeding on your feedbacks and ideas composed along with your experience navigating our product we will present you the complete application in the near future.

In parallel with the cumulative progress of mobile technology, the need of access to the devices coming from new and innovative experiences is also increasing with the aim of overcoming changing demands and necessities of people in the global world. There are currently 4 billion individuals in the world with smart phones and 3 billion of those don’t own a computer, they manage their lives via their smartphones. Accordingly, one of the most important tools in mobile technology in order to meet these demands through is mobile apps. These apps have unlimited functions across all walks of life. Thus, as people are getting engaged with each other and taking benefits of these apps in wide range areas of their life, it is possible to think mobile apps one dimension of techno-world revolution.

Colendi is offering you IOS and Android mobile application. This is a newer version of the Alpha Web Application we had introduced before. To access this new mobile application (native client dApp), we invite you to register at the Beta waitlist. You may follow these steps in order to create your registration:

  1. Fill the form and leave account information
  2. Invite your friends to this Colendi Beta application using the same form.

In a few days’ time we will finalize all participation requests and send your way a link to download Colendi dApp from your play store or as a test flight app. While IOS users will see various instructions in program’s mail address and download the dApp over test flight, Android users can directly download it from play store by registration in the program.


What is Colendi, what do you need it use it for?

Colendi is a decentralized credit scoring and microcredit protocol which uses blockchain technology to deliver/provide innovative credit scoring and a universal financial passport that serve as a bridge between lenders and unbanked/ underbanked microfinance borrowers globally.

In this native application, you will be able to get your decentralized digital identity Colendi ID. You may connect various data sources to create your first ever Colendi Score. We will be also able to integrate users’ smartphone data into the Colendi Score calculations for the first time.

In the Test interface you will be deposited test COD and ETH, which you will be able send and receive from each other. Even though your transactions are happening on the testnet, keep in mind the application enables you to keep your data private and safe. All the structure the use of smart contracts in order to satisfy a fully decentralized application.

This meticulously designed mobile dApp is dissimilar opportunity to further develop our product with feedback from our community in a large scale thanks to the practicability of mobile app usage in today. Thus, our team is very pleased with providing opportunity for being financially included for even more people by mobile dApp as well as web application and it is possible to say that we will get to understand more of what the user needs thanks to our new designed native dApp.


Join the beta program and contribute to the Colendi!

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