Next Stops: Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Washington DC

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New York Blockchain Week 2018 was certainly an exceptional gathering for all of us, one of which we enjoyed being a part of the blockchain ecosystem in the financial capital of the world. [See our blog about Blockchain Week]. However, we did not come back home to merely sit back and relax, especially when a busy schedule of events is looming ahead. Next week we will be flying to four important locations: Berlin, London, Washington DC and Amsterdam.

Our first stop in Germany will be Blockshow Europe 2018, which is held on the 28th and 29th of May at the Estrel Hotel and Convention Center in Berlin. We will be there as participants and you can meet us during the event.

On the 31th of May, Bulent Tekmen, Co-Founder and CEO of Colendi, will be on stage at Webrazzi: Connect in London, UK. We will make announcements about his speech hours and topics in the upcoming days. This event is being held at London, 8 Northumberland Avenue. Don’t miss it!

COO Mihriban Ersin and all of the marketing team will be at Money 20/20 in Amsterdam, Netherlands between the 4th and 6th of June. The event is expected to attract a great deal of the blockchain community from Europe. Colendi has stepped up to become one of the sponsors at this event and we will have to chance to present our project in our booth for three days.

Last but not least, on the 1st of June, we will be on the stage at another event across the Atlantic at Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition Conference in Washington, DC. Colendi CFO, Fatih Sahal, will join the panel to talk about the Colendi Project and how would it contributes to the financial inclusion of the general population.

We will try to attend as many side attractions and meetups during this time so if you would like to meet us at any point during the events or if you would like to invite us to a meetup, just send us an email so that you can tell us a little about yourself and why you are excited to meet the team. Let us know if you would like to discuss something specific or just learn more about what we have to offer. Please send an email to with the subject ‘Hope to meet you’ and we will do our best to ping you from our C-level team.

If you are alternatively looking for something casual or on the spot, you may also drop by our Telegram channel to let us know what you are up to. Community engagement is one of our priorities in these visits and we will always appreciate you and try to make ourselves available during our travels!

If we haven’t visited your city yet, don’t worry, there are still many cities we plan to tour. To learn about our next destination just follow our social media accounts and we will update you with posts as the time draws near. Feel free to reach out to let us know where you would like us to visit next. Hope to meet you on our tour!


We will keep on working hard for the Colendi Project and keep you updated. Keep following us!

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