Recap of New York Blockchain Week 2018

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New York Blockchain Week 2018 presented a series of activities for any individual interested in talking about blockchain, assessing the future of the ecosystem, foreseeing the business blockchain will create and meeting people from different sectors dedicated to this new technology.

As the Colendi team, we were in New York with 7 of our members who attended a variety of events and meetups. We had the opportunity to connect with blockchain professionals working in a wide range of sectors and made important connections.

The pillar events were: the Ethereal Summit, in which thousands gathered upon a younger vibe to energize Blockchain Week right from the start; Consensus 2018, an estimated 8000 professionals creating a hive of blockchain projects and ideas in the heart of the city; and Token Summit, a large gathering at the foot of Manhattan. We were in all three of them with multiple attendees. All of them had their unique forms of energy and we saw a clear distinction from one audience to another. That explains the vast amount of people attending and taking part in blockchain week, making it a colossal gathering for those in the space.

There were also lots of side activities and we took the liberty of taking part in more than a dozen of them. Numerous panels welcomed distinguished speakers with different sorts or audiences. We were invited to speak in NYC Blockchain Connect and the NYC Blockchain Tech & Invest Summit to address issues such as “Investments for New Token Projects” and “Gender Diversity at Blockchain”, respectively. We enjoyed the attention and interest of our audience from both events. On top of that, we should emphasize the efficiency of small meetups where a room of people were present to have more sincere conversations about the technology and the sector. We can gladly say that these side activities have also added a fanbase to our Colendi ecosystem.

Colendi had a spot on the main platform of Token Foundry alongside other projects. In the second day during the afternoon, we were happy to present our informative videos and explanatory materials to our audience. We were constantly meeting guests of potential contributors, other blockchain projects, media and blockchain enthusiasts. There was no shortage of energy at our lounge and we felt more than happy once again to be a part of this great project and riveting environment.

On the press side we were asked to give interviews to the media. Bulent Tekmen, Colendi CEO, has taken the responsibility to talk about the Colendi Project and spread the philosophy of what we are working on building. He gave an interview to Aaron Paul of You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the LINK and fast forwarding to 41:24. Bulent talked about the story of Colendi from his own perspective. We highly recommend it as it’s an easy 20 minute listen to understand more about our project.

Bulent also talked with Marek Osiecimski from “Decent Documentary”. It is going to tell more about the stories of “decent” endeavors that intend to change the world for the better, making a scalable impact, and globally enhancing the lives of many. We will share the links to the documentary as it airs for those who want to watch it.

The whole week took us like a whirlpool, but like a completely reverse one, grabbing us in only to drain nothing from us but adding to our knowledge, network, enthusiasm and energy. We had the fun of seeing New York City in its most vibrant form and enjoyed the activities of blockchain seemingly popping up at every corner. The whole team is already looking forward to return to NYC for blockchain week next year.


We will keep on working hard for the Colendi Project and keep you updated. Keep following us!

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