Blockchain-Based Credit Scoring Outshines “The Big Three”

  One of the top news stories in 2017 was the Equifax data breach that impacted nearly 148 million consumers, compromising information like Social...
Ekin Selcuk
2 min read

The Implications of Being Underbanked/Unbanked

According to a 2017 World Bank study, nearly 3 billion people worldwide are considered unbanked or underbanked.  In fact, of this total, 2 billion...
Ekin Selcuk
2 min read

Does ‘unbanked’ mean ‘undeserving’?

Lenders perceive the need to change There is no good reason why someone without a bank account should not be able to get a...
Eray Eren
5 min read

Colendi Announces Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Membership

Everybody loves to be a part of an innovative environment, especially Colendi! The Colendi team is more than excited to announce its acceptance as...
Ekin Selcuk
1 min read

Colendi Announces Community Support Campaign

The last couple of months Colendi Community has enjoyed a very solid growth, where blockchain enthusiasts, Colendi believers or people who just have interest...
Ekin Selcuk
1 min read





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