financial inclusion

How to improve your finances?

How can you improve your financial situation? We all know that life without money won’t be good. That’s why we’re continuously trying to enhance...
3 min read

Financial Inclusion Without The Traditional Banking System

Approximately three billion unbanked adults all around the world in today’s world, or in other words a vast range of people, potential entrepreneurs, small...
4 min read

A Look Inside The Colendi Token

As we are drawn closer to the biggest milestones of the Colendi Project, first one being the mainnet launch of the Colendi Decentralized Application, and...
Ekin Selcuk
5 min read

Combating Global Poverty on Blockchain

As developments in technology and innovation sector pave the way for, on the one hand, more efficiency and transparency; on the other hand, lower...
Mihriban Ersin Tekmen
5 min read

Data Science Studies: Global Population Without Access to Financial …

In the path to solving one of the most profound financial problems in the world, Colendi product team is faced with the challenge of...
Baran Koseoglu
2 min read





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