Colendi Update | 01-10 March

We have made a great start to 2019, with most of our concentration and efforts focusing on advancing our product. Spring has arrived on...
Ekin Selcuk
3 min read

Colendi Ecosystem – Part 2 of 3

Colendi Project is a sophisticated credit scoring system that uses new information sources in order to evaluate the eligibility of potential borrowers consisting of...
Sevde Unal
5 min read

Improve Your Colendi Score and Financial Reputation

  When the differences between the creditworthiness of people all around the world are considered, it can be seen that credit lending does not...
4 min read

A Recap of 2018 and Welcoming 2019!

It’s not always easy to kick-start a project, especially one like Colendi.  More than a dozen professionals have been involved from the beginning knowing...
Ekin Selcuk
2 min read

Insights from ACCIS Roundtable 2018 Event in Istanbul

Last week we attended the prestigious ACCIS Roundtable 2018 Event in Istanbul hosted by Turkish member Kredi Kayıt Bürosu (KKB) which is the central...
Eray Eren
3 min read

Colendi Weekly Update | 03-16 December

December showed itself with many local events where we achieved a very high engagement with our community and make showcases of our product to...
Ekin Selcuk
3 min read

Colendi Dapp Article Featured In Webrazzi Media

Colendi’s new product Colendi Dapp got featured in Webrazzi’s online media in Turkish. Below you may find the quick translation if you are wondering...
Ekin Selcuk
1 min read

Why does Colendi use blockchain technology?

One of the most frequent questions we got from early skeptics was that Colendi could have worked fine without blockchain technology. This diagnosis is...
2 min read

Biggest Hack Attacks of All Times: Marriott, Equifax, Yahoo …

On December 3, 2018, the international Marriott company announced a massive attack that impacts about 500 million customers who made a reservation at a Starwood hotel....
6 min read

Colendi Weekly Update | 26 November – 02 December

Are the hackers getting good at their jobs or are we just too reckless with our data? Marriott Hotel hack leaked 500 million people’s...
Ekin Selcuk
3 min read





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