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Hello Colendi Community,

We thank you for your growing interest in the Colendi Project. We are aware that many of you have been wondering what we have been working on so far, so let me get down to it and inform you about the many things that have been going on.

First, we are proudly expanding the Colendi Community via our online reach and in-person meetups. We just hit over 400 members in our Telegram channel and have been giving our best answers to any doubts or questions that our enthusiasts have. We have successfully published our first posts on BitcoinTalk and created a Colendi subreddit. Although they are very early, we believe that these small steps will turn into giant leaps before you know it.

Besides the online activity, our team has been very busy meeting with many prominent names within blockchain. Here is a list of the recent events we attended:

Webrazzi Fintech / ISTANBUL


Ethereum Community Conference / PARIS

Money 2020 / SINGAPORE

Token 2049 / HONG KONG

Blockchain for good / ISTANBUL.

You will witness us attending many more events in the upcoming days and you may also hear us speak on stage. We try to post photos and updates on Twitter as much as possible so that you can catch up with us and learn about our whereabouts.

We are well aware that every solid business achieves growth through collaborations and partnerships, so I’m eager to announce the newest business deals we have made. We have signed an advisory deal with New York-based Consensys blockchain venture production studio, as well as their Token Foundry formation.

Additionally, we have joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), an organization that connects Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts. Colendi is also now a part of W3C, an international community that aims to develop Web standards.

I take great pleasure in what we have done thus far and what our team is capable of achieving for the Colendi Project. I cannot wait to do more and share it with all of you. We promise to talk to you soon!

Bülent TEKMEN, Ceo

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